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Discussion in 'Programming' started by 2rosy, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. 2rosy


    What tools or utilities do you use while trading. I have several IB related software I wrote (spreaders, order blasters, marketmakers, options vol plots, ...) thinking about releasing.

    As endusers, whats important? guis? docs? code? ..
  2. byteme


    Back again Rosy? Did you get banned?

    To answer your question about what's important: what's important to you if you are an end user?
  3. 2rosy


    :D someone went through the trouble to update my old posts
  4. dom993


    The tool that I use the most when I am trading is my office door.


    Any trade my systems take & I don't feel comfortable with, I walk out & close that door. I should be am thinking about dedicating a (small) room to my trading PC :)
  5. 2rosy


    I always write my own stuff. Whats important to me is working examples of an API. Working usage examples. Cookbook type stuff. Not rtfm.

    But I am targeting end users with no programming skills; application end users...mass audience.
  6. crmorris


    is your spreader boilerplate? if it's passive, leaning, can work multiple legs, and can spread multiple instruments (ratioed against an average, etc), then it might be useful.

    most are paranoid about others software (as you yourself were apparently). i'd worry about proper error checking, user input prevents, and things going haywire.
  7. 2rosy


    i did a spreader a while ago like that. I am not sure I have the code anymore though.
  8. iqfox


    I am using Google stock screener and some portfolio tracking and alerting services