TRADER: The Documentary Paul Tudor Jones

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  1. Is it really that hard to find this classic video?

    Somebody recently got over 1200 bucks for the thing on ebay.

    Come on, it can't be that good. I've read that paul himself tried to get it out of circulation because he thought he gave up too much of his strategy on the film.

    Wouldn't mind seeing it, not because of "information" but I think it would be interesting.

    It has to be in some library somewhere.
  2. Calling all marketsurfers. Time to fire up the old VCR and make another rare copy.

    Ang, if the past is any indication, then surfer will surface with an offer: tape&pagenumber=1

    And if you insist on overpaying for an overhyped video, then at least don't submit to surfer's highway robbery (frontier capitalism) before checking with late apex first. Just follow the link.
  3. put it on youtube.. Those that are generous!
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    what is the chance for e 3 stars s guy showed up and bided against s 3 stars p guy for that one rare item and somehow they both ended up losers.
  5. I want to see this badly. If anyone has this and feels like being generous, I would really appreciate it.
  6. balda


    it is a documentary. no specific details discussed about trading.

    I wish I could make a torrent but not sure about legal issues.
  7. When the hell has that stopped anyone here?? *cough cough*

    I mean...we don't condone it or anything... :D
  8. Yes, you would certainly think so. However, consider, if you will, that even that little paper of record, the NY Times -- with all its resources, connections and in-house research brainpower -- ended up buying "Trader" outright, on DVD (from me, of all people), for that feature story on PTJ they published on Oct. 13th.

  9. Thats kind of neat.

    They actually have a little clip from your video up.
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