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    As a hedge fund you are going to be selling limited partnership or LLC shares in the US as a private offering, right? As a private offering you are exempt from SEC and state registration (Blue Sky laws). But you still need to file with them to get that registration (Form D for the SEC). What, if any, states are you filing in?

    The reason I ask, is that the states typically have a filing fee ($100-$800) and I'm wondering how many of these you are paying up front. Or are you going to file with them when and if you get an investor in that state? If so, are you going to go back to Greentradertax every time you add a new state to the list to have them do the filing?
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  2. As of right now, I'm filing only in NY and LA. It just so happens that all my partners are from those two states as almost all are relatives/friends. I intend to go to greentradertax every time I get a new partner from a state that I haven't filed in. I don't believe my fee includes any blue sky filings, but I will inquire.
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  3. Much has been said here and obviously there are some who feel they have been threatened or their reputation besmirched.

    My only (and final) comment is that I think Bob knows his stuff, although his operational setup is quite a bit dfifferent than other CPA's. This does "put off" some people.

    In any case I think that it's good to use a CPA who specializes.
    Bob does this.

    I seek advice from a variety of sources. Everyone should. I like having more than 1 opinion as the Code is not always clear.
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  4. Hey guys, I'm back....

    Anyways, just catching up, and boy, has this thread grown! WOW.

    Let's clarify some things:

    .. I'm not going to go one for one (comment, response, reply and counter reply) with any CPA, Atty's or otherwise.

    This is a traders forum, built by traders, for traders and for the betterment of traders. Those providing services to traders, well, while we all welcome them on these discussions and forums we fully expect that they will adhere to keeping their comments within "polite" range, and not "personal attacks", or otherwise.

    .. Green Trader Tax, has a very impressive website, which no doubt reflects substantial monetary investment in its development. To date, I have not seen any other site similar to that.

    .. personal attacks, disgruntlement or otherwise were never intended. Whether or not one person felt that the collective or specific comments mentioned on this thread or panel are directed at them, is their personal viewpoint unsubstantiated by "intent", "content" or "direction of said comments".

    Simply put, anyone (without specificly naming them), anyone taking anything said here personally HAS gotten the wrong idea, impression or otherwise.

    Slander vs. expressions of experiences, well I've clarified this in the opening and follow-up comments, which I personally posted. In recalling the objective of open discussion, the intent remains "open discussion", not direct or indirect attacks upon any said individuals. Evidently this forum was and has brought a number of issues to light.

    Malicious intent, which would be required in any defamation suit would need to be proven. I, in a professional manner, and in respect to the other traders, who's time is vastly limited, as are mines, fully clarified the tone and intent to keep things/posts within reasonable "free speech" and not "abusive speech", thus invalidating claims towards maliciousness. Obviously, and just to clarify, it should be deemed as obvious, that such would not be solicited, nor tolerated on this thread.

    Clearly all traders have and continue to benefit from the CPA work(s) on clarifing and rescuing other traders regarding MTM and such issues. Clearly, this sensitive subject brought out some highly charged responses from all sides, and from all levels.

    Let's concentrate on our objective as traders:
    1) making money
    2) keeping money made
    3) paying "reasonable" taxes
    4) going on vacation

    Cheers All,

    We are in the holiday season, good tidings to all....

    ((Baron, you might want to close this thread...))
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  5. Hi Limitdown,

    Good to have you back... the air seems to have cleared, with Mr Green having clarified his position in a later post...

    Obviously, the initial reaction amongst many of us with regard to the potential predicament of you and BCE was worrying, but post-clarification, Mr Green has come out as a guy with relative integrity...

    I personally don't see a need for this thread to be closed, since the rough patch is over, and the thread can continue to be used for informational purposes instead of for threats of legal action etc... but I suppose its your call, since its your thread...

    Anyway, great to have you back Limitdown!

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  6. BCE


    I do have some more thoughts in regard to these issues without necessarily getting into all the specifics of what my original experience was (but may share some) but don't have the time to get into it now. Maybe in the next short while. I obviously had a bad experience unfortunately in initially dealing with this and certainly bringing it up again and all the anger and threats, etc. which arose in this thread has been more draining. It's always unfortunate when there is conflict in regard to these issues. But that's life. To be able to examine all that's involved in a measured, less emotional and personal way is maybe what we're aiming at. Perhaps that's the tough part. I'll be back. As I mentioned in my last post, it's my hope that we all can learn from having examined these issues together and hopefully that is what's happening.
    Best Wishes to All.
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  7. Kinda interesting watching some CPA's true colors come out.

    I'd suggest an apology
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  8. on a number of private discussions, a few things were pointed out: recision of threat was ever made
    ...Trent Lot has done a better job of appologizing than these guys (offensive comments made earlier; threats of suits made earlier)
    ...fear of having shown their real colors has caused this attritition, not
    ...regret for being so nasty on these boards.

    you're right, the true colors have come out, haven't they?
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  9. have any of you had success with these often touted Tax Guides, especially as respects the complexity of Trader Taxation?

    Let's open the discussions to this sub-section, chapter/appendix T, page 4
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  10. did anyone see the Online Trader Expo presentations on taxes?, or other services for traders? that they would like to comment upon?

    To date, a number of reports were received that were not flatering...
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