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    has shown me that people who threaten legal action over relatively small matters such as in this thread, tend do so on a regular basis in the course of their business dealings with others. They usually use this type of tactic while trying to boost their stature with their "superior" strategies and claims. They tend to have very combatative personalities and unwittingly seek out fights whenever possible. It seems like it is always the same formula for these guys. ....
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    Let it go....Please.

    candle....Nice work.

    Bob.....You've responded admirably.

    THE END!!!:cool:
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    stop making such a big deal over this.

    some people threaten of lawsuits in the course of normal everyday conversation especially when they get excited.

    i didn't even think his original message was inappropriate since there was alleged slander against his business.
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  4. Seems to me that it is you who is making a big deal out of it calling it a slander. What slander? BCE did not like their business and he said so. It was based on his experience and he had a right to do so...

    Yes, some people do threaten so, and that's usually when they lack other arguments.
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    Does he need to define the word???
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    Sorry I pasted fairmark twice............ the other place I suggest to look at and consider is:
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  8. Peace ...
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    In Regard to Real Reconciliation
    I do have some more measured perhaps less emotional thoughts in relation to all this, but I'm too tired tonight. I was obviously upset. I've spent too much time dealing with this today and in the past. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday. I too am always sorry for conflict. However to me there's a lot more to it than that. Perhaps we will all learn some useful lessons in relation to how this has all unfolded and is dealt with. I'm a thoughtful, honest person and look forward to sharing my take on what has happened. And I look forward to thoughtful responses to my post. Good night, everyone. Enjoy your weekend.
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  10. I used Greentradertax last year. I was very impressed with their services.

    I am now using them to set up my hedge fund. I am quite satisfied. I think that they are doing a good job. They are a quality organization, and I had no trouble at all in trusting them with my credit card info. In fact, I trusted them enough that I let them do my hedge fund. I have been planning on having a fund for a while. I want it to go off without a hitch. It was very important to me that it was all done right. So far, everything seems on schedule and done perfectly.

    I told Bob to go and set up my fund. I didn't even ask for an estimate up front. He told me it would be comparably priced with other firms. That was fine for me. So far, it's been much less than all other advertised offers on hedge fund sites. When was the last time that you hired someone and they came in under budget?
    I am impressed. I am going to use them for my back office accounting in 2003 for my fund. I think they are probably going to be the best priced company out there, and of the highest quality.

    I have yet to hear from a fellow trader who's had any complaints with them. All I ever hear is from traders who go to the local CPA and have them screw it up and cost them tons of money in lost tax savings and extra expenses. I remember going to my dad's CPA. I told him I wanted to be MTM. He stared blankly at me for 10 mins without saying a thing. You can't deal with someone who doesn't specialize in trader issues.
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