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    Agree also.

    Robert, some here on ET may or may not owe you an apology. It's really impossible for any of us to really know ALL the truth. But, your threats on an internet message board are disgusting, to say the least. Perhaps YOU should offer an apology to some folks. Think about it. These are my opinions.:cool:

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  2. Maybe people will now begin to appreciate Don Bright's good disposition.

    Love him or loathe him, I don't recall him ever threatening any of his many critics with legal action.

    I can't see Robert's threats winning him any friends on ET.
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  3. Yo Greenie Dude,

    You are doing yourself and your company a MAJOR disservice by laying into BCE and Limitdown... how dare you come to this forum and threaten legal action? :mad:

    You obviously wanna whip someone's ass, so I suggest you go whip George Bush's ass rather than BCE's or Limitdown's... if you go ahead with taking legal action against BCE and Limitdown, news of this is gonna spread across the trading community faster than a speeding bullet (indeed, your threat to take legal action against BCE and Limitdown is already spreading rapidly through the trading community)... and ya know what the ramifications of that will be, don't ya Greenie? ... yup, traders will simply go with your competitors, cos they obviously won't wanna deal with you :eek:

    So withdraw your threats to my friends BCE and Limitdown, and call it quits, dude...

    On a positive note, I have heard very good things about your firm's professionalism and expertise, so let's not spoil the party, eh?

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  4. catman


    I have used GTT tradelog and I have been very satisfied. I
    initially installed it about a year ago, and when I had a few problems,
    I spoke to Mr. Green. He was pleasent, patient, and more than helpful. He helped resolve my issues, and from that point on it was smooth sailing.
    Having dealt with many software companies and many tech support people, I was greatly impressed with Mr. Green. The software was not expensive, and he was very gracious in the time he took to assist me. I am very satisfied with the product and the service.

    I'm not taking a side, just telling you about my experience with GTT and Mr. Green.
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  5. Maybe so, but Mr Green's public threats of legal action against BCE and Limitdown for merely expressing an opinion of his service has certainly caused significant concerns amongst the trading community as to whether or not they should go with Greenie... moreover, news of this threat of legal action is spreading rapidly across the trading community...

    Catman, you expressed a positive opinion, which is fine... but to be threatened with legal action for expressing a negative opinion makes a nonsense of Freedom of Speech... Greenie's reputation, specifically in respect of the hindrance of Freedom of Speech, has certainly been tarnished... and this is why I am calling on Mr Green to retract his threat of legal action against BCE and Limitdown, in order to clear the air and put and end to the rapid spread amongst the trading community of this alarming development vis-a-vis the threat of legal action by Mr Green against Brethren BCE and Limitdown...

    BCE and Limitdown, be advised that you will have plenty of moral and logistical support (from literally thousands of traders, if necessary) should Mr Green go ahead with his threat of legal action against you...
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  6. mikep


    I agree with Catman. My experience with him has been positive so far.
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  7. catman


    My previous post was not an expression of my opinion. It was an expression of my experience in dealing with GTT tradelog the company, and Mr. Green, who was very helpful in getting me up and running with my software.

    My opinion is that I got exactly what I was looking for, exactly what I expected, and not being all that software savvy, received
    immediate service when I had problems. I would recommend the software.

    My other opinion is that this is getting blown out of proportion. I think this thread started out with some good valid discussion, some things said, some feathers ruffled, but it just seems that it's all a little overblown. I thought this thread had a better read to it when it stuck to the primary issue.

    Keep in mind these are just my opinions, but they are based on my experience with Mr. Green as stated.

    BTW, I do feel that "Greenie", or Yo Greenie Dude" does little to strengthen your position.

    It would nice at this point, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, to get back to the main theme of this thread.
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  8. ... simply a verbal manifestation of the "esteem" in which I hold people who try to hinder Freedom of Speech through the threat of legal action... my "position" (as you like to put it) is neither strengthened nor weakened by my use of vocabulary, but my "position" is most certainly strengthened by my friends and contacts in political and, more pertinently to the issue at hand, financial journalistic circles (who happen to be like-minded proponents of Free Speech)...

    Now, if you wish to pursue this, fine by me... but I believe that I have made my position clear, as have a number of other people who have been alarmed to the extreme by these public threats of legal action against BCE and Limitdown...
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  9. I don't have friends in high places... my friends are simply journalists...
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  10. Robert

    This sounds very reasonable... as I have previously alluded to, I have heard very good things about your firm's professionalism and expertise... and I believe that your latest post is very mature and agreeable (with only a handful of points of contention which, for the purposes of putting the issue at rest, I will not elaborate upon)...

    I echo your sentiments about putting this at rest and am happy to hear that you have thus far never sued a client and hope to never do so... moreover, I hope that you are able to resolve any outstanding professional issues with BCE and/or Limitdown in an amicable manner...

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