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  1. I have used in the past and thought they were a class act. The accurate information and help they provide are well worth the cost IMHO...

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  2. BCE


    I've used GreenTraderTax too and it was one of THE WORST EXPERIENCES of my life!!!!! Not just business experiences.
    Unfortunately, fellow traders, I'm now being threatened legally for expressing this opinion. Is this who you want to do business with? I'm not going to get into it with you, Robert. The fact you are threatening me legally shows where you're at. I can express my personal dissatisfaction with your firm and services or any other firm on these boards and this is not slander. I don't work for Elite Trader. Do you see other firms threatening people legally for expressing their dissatisfaction with that firms service or products? That's what these boards are about, traders sharing their personal experiences with other traders to help each other out. If firms do start to threaten traders with lawsuits for expressing their personal opinions that will be the end of these boards. Other people are free to express their satisfaction with your service and some have.
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  3. Aaron


    By the way, membership levels (junior, senior, elite, etc.) denote number of posts, not a management position with Elite Trader. I'm not aware that Limitdown or BCE have an interest in whether you sponsor Elite Trader.
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  4. How is the opinion of a client regarding their perception of treatment received and their statements of such in these forums slander?

    Sounds like it is the personal opinion of the client. No different than you got bad service from the local hardware store and bitched up a storm regarding the treatment. That isn't slander.

    Ah, the litigious society we live in. Ain't it great....... :mad:


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  5. Agree.
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    Thanks for your support guys. Sorry but I'm not willing to get involved in a legal battle with these people. Not that I feel they have any legitimate beef. They put me through enough already. I edited my post to express my feelings in this regard. I'd like to be able to express my opinions freely in these forums, but if we start having firms threatening legal action over our opinions of their services, then it will kill or at least greatly diminish the worth of these forums. I wanted to be able to help you all out and save you from the hassles I went through.

    Robert, that's what happens in these forums, in case you hadn't noticed. People express their experiences in regards to different brokers, software, accounting services, whatever, in the hopes of helping each other out. If you offer great service, people will step up to say that. No need to threaten individual traders legally for their dissatisfaction of your services. And in regard to me contacting you personally, now that you've threatened me legally, I wouldn't even think of doing that. I obviously was very dissatisfied with your service and software. But unfortunately I'm not willing now to share my experiences as you've now threatened me legally. Other people will have to try your service or not and find out for themselves.
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  7. Not a good impression on future clients ...
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  8. robert.your legal threats to bce would make me very nervous in doing business with you. i have a deep distrust of people who use lawyers or threats as their first response.
    a better solution would have been to let bce air his complaints and then debunk his claims publicly if you can.
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  9. Agree.
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  10. Absolutely agree, will never use them for sure. Thanks BCE for saying openly what you had the right to say. They will not get my business not because of what you said but because of the way they acted after you posted your personal opinion.
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