Trader Tax: Here is the phone number of the Genius who wrote it..

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  1. your math is way off. the tax is $2500 per $1 mil of stock traded. thats a whopping $500k for $200 mil of stock traded. effectively any heavy trader is out of business overnight. many heavy traders trade $5 bil of stock a year so thats a nice what over $10 mil in extra fees
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  3. Thank you I stand corrected on that. Just goes to show even a compromise on this and we are still screwed!
  4. That's right its $500k when you bought, and another $500k when you sold. Oh, and that's $1,000,000 you owe, whether you made a profit or not.
  5. The more I read, I can't help but think that all of this is by design. The entire system has been set up to fail.

    The extremely wealthy are trying awfully hard to put an end to capitalism.