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  1. I have been trading for a couple years as a novice. More paper trading than real trading. I feel that I am getting to the point where I could make money in this business.

    Mainly I trade stocks, but I am interested in every asset class.

    My question is whether anyone is a successful trader while trading multiple asset classes every day. So for example you might have a trade in stocks, commodities, and bonds in a single week. Or is it better to specialize in one asset class (e.g. stocks, forex, etc)?
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    i've never paper traded. ever.

    you've been paper trading for years. what is your problem

  3. Are you still trading?
  4. Specialization is better.

    You're going to need your instrument inside-and-out to know how to make money trading it.
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    Calm down Ace, he said it has been two years. Big deal. It seems like now he is ready to jump in the fray, so let the man do it without such hostility. As for problems, your problem appears to be capitalization, but I digress. Some people...
  6. It's called either:

    Managed Futures or Macro Trading- they trade everything... even electricity
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    I would think that if you have a good background of knowledge and experience, are a full time trader, and if markets are your life that you could successfully trade several asset classes. But not many people fit that description. I don't like having to follow individual companies, so I like stock index futures and energy futures. Good luck.