Trader Self-Sabotage

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  1. Unconsciously the trader self-destructs.

    Does anyone know what trader self-sabotage is? or experience it or done trader self-sabotage?

    self-sabotage: trader deliberately via unconscious mind to NOT succeed in trading and lose on purpose. destroy trading plan on purpose ..self destruct trading plan. on purpose...
  2. The great Ed Seykota has a great line in the market wizards book. His work is all about fixing self-sabotage.

    "'Win or lose, everybody gets what they want from the market. Some people like to lose, so they win by losing money....'"

    "In The Trading Tribe, Ed extends his paradoxical insights about trading and life. 'We need to experience our feelings. If we resist them, we wind up creating dramas in our lives and in our trading so that we have to experience them.'"

    "Everyone knows traders who violate their rules, second guess their systems, give up on winners, stick with losers, and swear they won't do it again.... Rather than counseling strength, steely discipline, or automation, Ed again turns apparent common sense on its head,. He encourages traders to embrace and celebrate their feelings, especially the ones they are unwilling to feel."
  3. self sabotage is the trader's unconscious mind want to fail.

    it's like when you win with all discipline and than just sabotage everything with one bad trade or screw up on purpose....

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