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  1. You've all seen them. Many websites and employers post a scale..that if you work for them for 2 years, you make X on and so on until the scale has a maximum to how much you'll make a year.

    from 1- 5 years, how much do you think a traders "salary" should increase year by year from the different forms of trading starting out at 50k ?

    -- speak from experiance if you like --

    Day trading:

    * year 1
    * year 2
    * year 3
    * year 4
    * year 5

    Swing trading
    * year 1
    * etc...

    Position trading
    * year 1
    * etc...


    - nathan
  2. WTF is a salary?
  3. Ok, let me dumb it down for some people.

    After 5 years of trading, what are reasonable expectations for how much a trader would take home before taxes and other expenses ?.
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    EDIT: Its the green stuff next to the tomatoes at the salad bar.
  5. WTF is a salary?......

    Sounds like something I used to get years ago.
  6. Is the trader in question relatively bright or a dumbass?

    Some will make huge dough after 1 year, some will continue to collect food stamps after 5 years...... I think you're asking about the average trader. However, who the hell wants to be an average trader?

    If you want a dependable salary get a job.
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    Depends on how good you are and what your experience is before starting.
  8. $6 an hour. :D
  9. I think 500k is very possible for every trader to reach thats 2500 a day, everyday.
  10. Most people are average traders.
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