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  1. My partner and I have developed customized reporting software similar to your traditional back-end reporting that proprietary trading firms and institutional trading desks use. We are interested to know what else would you traders like to be able to see in your P&L reports besides your typical excel fields with data.

    Analytics (charts/graphs)?

    Feedback would be much appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. a graph of what it looks like is useful.

    it is always good to have some kind of analystic software.
  3. Can you display an example of what it currently tabulates?
    And what do you plan to charge?
    Also, you mentioned excel; is it written in VBA?
    If it is backend only, what do you require as inputs (format, attributes?).

  4. Yes we will be integrating graphs, charts, analysis for traders to visually see their results and also be able to analyze most profitable hours/minutes traded throughout the day.

  5. Due to privacy concern we can not display an example of what it currently tabulates at this time. Although we are able to render all calculations for equities, futures, options, derivatives, etc.

    We will not be charging the individual trader, this will be for back-end reporting for trading firms. We will have quotes by sometime mid next month.

    Excel was just an example, it is written in PHP

    The software application can be customized to work with the inputs on any front-end platform. Currently it is setup for Lightspeed, Sterling Trader Pro, Redi, Laser, and black box/gray box applications.
  6. Any other feedback is appreciated.
  7. What other modules would traders like to see when they log in to view their trading statements?
  8. Can it deal with accounts/instruments denominated in different currencies?

    I'm using my own stuff in excel, and that's the only thing i'm not satisfied with.
  9. We would need to render the formulas you use in the excel and build a custom module for it which I don't see any problem with us not being able to do this. If you can get into more specifics or a sample I can look into this.

  10. Its simple really. I have got information about fills from the frontend from various instruments, for example, ES, fdax and AUD/JPY. Obviously you need fx-quotes in order to compute PnL and marks on open positions. At the moment, i'm entering this manually.
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