Trader Psychological Test: The Left Brain vs Right Brain

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Which way do you see the dancer moving?

  1. Counterclockwise (left brain dominant)

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  2. Clockwise (right brain dominant)

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  1. jinxu


    I'm interested in knowing the psychological makeup of trader. Or at the very least the ones that are on Elitetrader. Here's a simple test for left/right brain dominant. There's no questions. All you got to do is look at a picture of a dancer spinning and it'll only take you a minute at most. Here's the link:

    Here's also a list of the left brain and right brain functions.:

    uses logic
    detail oriented
    facts rule
    words and language
    present and past
    math and science
    can comprehend
    order/pattern perception
    knows object name
    reality based
    forms strategies

    uses feeling
    "big picture" oriented
    imagination rules
    symbols and images
    present and future
    philosophy & religion
    can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
    spatial perception
    knows object function
    fantasy based
    presents possibilities
    risk taking

    Which side do you think is more useful to trading? And Why?
  2. DrEvil


    It started clockwise but then I realised that I change change the direction more or less at will. By looking away to the left and seeing it from the corner of my eye it changes to anti-clockwise and when I slowly move my focus back to it the anti-clockwise sticks. I can then do the same and change it back to clockwise. Cool.
  3. I see her turn clockwise regardless of how I look at the image... unfortunately I'm not sure what conclusion we should take as I believe the silhouette illusion was never proven to be a true scientific test (see

    But since you brought up visual illusions, I would look in a seasoned trader that uses charts to be more prone to them. The extensive use of the cognitive processes for pattern recognition trains the brain to be very efficient in the field of visual interpretation.
  4. To eliminate optics in charts, use indicators and know the maths behind them. As they say, numbers do not lie, unless we make them:D
  5. Interesting point but some aspects in trading- think crowd behaviors like the DOM & tape - are complex to code and the visual human pattern recognition system seems to be a very efficient tool to use the information.
  6. Most indicators are visual...
  7. Moudi


    Hi Jinxu,

    I'm afraid this image is not enough to let u decide whether you're left or right brained. Some people will be able to see it spinning both ways too.

    If you're interested to know this fact about your brain, I recommend you to take the test in the link below.

    It's a free software that will ask you 20 questions and it will show you a detailed results about how your brains works..

  8. Yer fergot elle ebout ze theerd brayne... zat iz... ze gut brayne. Zere iz eh whoul komblex nervoze shystem zere.
  9. jinxu


    I suspect that test has a virus, so I'm not gonna download it. I've taken online tests before and none has ever ask that you download something. So I'm not sure why this would unless it has a virus.
  10. 1) 3-5
    2) The dancer has a nice "rack". :cool:
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