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  1. Just passing this along

    <i>Dear Collective2 User:

    You may remember me as the founder of Collective2, a trading Web site. But today I'm writing to you not as a trader, and not as a computer programmer.

    Today I'm writing to you as a novelist. My first book, called CON ED, is about to be published by Warner Books. I want to tell you about it.

    Nice reviews

    CON ED has received great advance reviews:

    *Booklist called it: "A brisk, clever, and charming page-turner... CON ED is a winner, and crime fans should remember the name Matthew Klein."

    * Kirkus Reviews said: "Pitch-perfect... A propulsive, noirish tale."

    * Library Journal wrote: "Enough twists and turns to keep the reader firmly engaged and totally surprised at the end. CON ED is slick, clever, and thoroughly entertaining.”

    So: if you like twisty suspense novels and funny characters, you'll love CON ED.

    Please help

    Despite the good reviews, I'm facing a huge challenge. Because I'm a first-time author, no one has heard of me, except my family. (And even they sometimes look at me with a puzzled expression when I wake up and say "Good morning.")

    That's why I am writing and asking for your help. Can I ask you to please walk into your local bookstore and request a copy of Con Ed? Even better, why not order a copy right now at or Here are the links:

    If you buy CON ED, not only will you be helping a first-time author; you'll also acquire a book which I'm sure you will enjoy.

    Finally, after you've had a chance to read Con Ed, please take a moment to write me and tell me what you think of the novel!

    Best regards,

    Matthew Klein

    Author of Con Ed
    Founder of</I>
  2. Surf, do you have a photo of you and M. Klein that you
    can post? Like the one you posted of you and N. Taleb?

    I need it for the MySpace page.