Trader Profile Database and Analysis Tool

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  1. Lancer


    Looking for user-feedback on "Trader Profile":

    Description: "New performance software tool that automatically captures all trades (no manual entry), creating a personal database that traders can use to analyze trades and results. The system recreates trades, putting them into context with what the overall market was doing at any given point in time. The software presents charts of trades (showing entry and exit points), and analyzes the results. It's like a football player watching film."

    Trader Profile users, how do you find this product useful?
  2. tdefarlo


    TraderProfile is currently offered by only one firm, Electronic Trading Group (ETG) (We are just now beginning our marketing effort to other prop firms.) But you can evaluate it yourself by downloading it from

    The login name is Guest, and the password is TraderPower (case sensitive). The Guest login is an actual trader's data (and a very good trader at that), updated daily. (though he has been on vacation for a few weeks so there is no trade data for January yet.)

    Tony DeFarlo