Trader Poll: How much is your house worth and what city do you live in?

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  1. The basic Q: How much is your house worth on the market and the city, and if you feel like providing sq ftage and such, feel free.

    I consider ET to be a fairly random cross section of people in the US/Canada, outside of the ghetto, plus a few foreigners outside North America.

    If you're a renter, post rent per month + sq footage, and any thing else.

    I will go first:

    $1750/month, Upper West Side, NYC... 300 sq ft., no stove, no washer, some roaches. Nice showerhead, though.
  2. why do you have to become a typical ET loser

    post less, get yourself some probability programs and start understanding what this business is about

    that is if you ever hope to be a real trader
  3. And what exactly is a probability program? Why don't you link one here?

    Idiot. If you want to let the thread die, let it die. Or ignore me. "Probability program"... lol.
  4. Eight


    $450,000, San Fernando Valley, Northeast of Los Angeles. 1600-1700 sq ft, nice lawns front and back, completely rebuilt inside and out last year... great neighbors, that is more important than the quality of the house maybe...
  5. LOL is on you I am afraid, you need to figure out what is probability, how does it work, what are breakdowns in it, are there any.

    do you really think that you stand a chance in trading without some deep thinking
  6. Ivan, why haven't you been able to ban this idiot? Same guy, all the time.
  7. Yeah, but you have to put up with LAUSD, right? Your kids are going to turn out dumb under that district, unless you're paying more for a private school.

    SFV gets hot in the summer. Yeah, you could always get more house in the SFV. I had 660 for ~345k in early '04 on the west side. Probably back down to the same price.
  8. this is exactly what I am talking about,

    you are seeing everything from emotional point of view, from "I deserve it point of view"

    I am not your enemy, Lack of Deep Thinking is your enemy
  9. wartrace


    I'll play;

    700 sqft house on 15 acres near Wartrace, TN. Approximate value? -Priceless. If I sold it probably under 65,000 dollars.

    I have no nearby neighbors, I have NEVER heard a siren or loud thumping car stereo here. Total peace & tranquility.

    Oh, it has been paid off years ago, property taxes are ridiculously low.
  10. What programs are you talking about? Thanks
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