Trader Petition To Sign To Avoid Unecessary Audits. Sign Immediately. Time Critical

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    If you have good record keeping you shouldn't fear an audit. When the IRS gets 100's of 1000's of audit triggers for the same thing they'll quickly realize that something is not right. I am reporting my basis based on what the true basis is. Let the audit begin. It's always fun fighting the IRS, when you're in the right :)

  2. just pay 1k to get someone else to do your taxes and you won't have to worry about anything. that's what i do.
  3. Thanks Jack for posting the petition. It's getting lots of signatures and we will have an impact! We need 50,000 signatures.

    Reply to above post. Even when traders hire our CPA firm, we can't fix botched broker-provided 1099-Bs or poorly designed rules. We need to fix this problem at the core and fast.
  4. See if the board owner here can put this thread prominently on the site. We're all together in this.
  5. Mr. Green, You should also shoot a quick email to Etrade, Ameritrade, Schwab, Fidelity, etc, asking if they can distribute the petition to their customers via a link on their site or email.

    Also, the trader communities such as T3Live.
  6. Does anyone know of other places where traders hang out that Mr. Green can post about it?
  7. From the link: "753 Letters and Emails Sent So Far"
  8. "813 Letters and Emails Sent So Far"
  9. "852 Letters and Emails Sent So Far"
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