Trader P/L 2007 Questions and Discussion

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  1. There was one for 2006 and it worked out pretty well. Thought we might try again this year.

    This is for the questions for traders who post in the P/L 2007 thread because we are not supposed to ask questions there.

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    Seems like stock traders aren't doing as well so far this year. I noticed several of the guys making good money last year aren't posting anymore. I assume that means their numbers have fallen off.
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    A LOT of listed stock guys have had a hard time adapting to hybrid.
  4. FWIW... the emini game has been tough so far this year, too. Markets went from zero volatility to outright explosion overnight, which was nice. Now right back to zero volatility again.

    This week, Wed thru Fri had no movement except 2:15pm thru 4:15pm est courtesy of FOMC event catalyst.

    20.25 pit-session hours, 18.25 hours of listless chop.

    I've been scalping out of moribund trades for a point or two more now than ever in my career. Also, many of the smoothest ES swings happen between 7:00am and 9:00am est in the globex period.

    Price action is lately either program-slam bursts or consolidation, very little in between. It stands to reason that the change in stock market action, movement and trader patterns would likewise spill over to some degree in the futures. When the ranges are good it is great; when ES paints a 6.5pt span in 6.75 clock hours, not easy.
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  6. I have a question for MBAGearHead:

    How the f--k did you go from losing day after day sometimes 10 days in a row to practically printing money each day?
    Was it a change in system? Or did God speak to you in a dream and you saw the light?
  7. God spoke toMBA Haven't you had that dream yet? Mearily, life is but a dream! Row, row and row now.....
  8. Szeven, he trades like a market maker in AMEX stocks - right? Hard to make the kind of money he does with that strategy if you're paying retail commisions like .005/share all in.
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    He posted a comment on this question over in this thread the other day. Interesting thread overall ...

    Also, I take it that you didn't notice his performance on Aug 29?
  10. I want to state this here: I truly believe mbagearhead is a fake.

    I wonder if we could file somekind of lawsuit against him for deceiving us?I bet you if I found the right lawyer I could.It would be a groundbreaking and historical precedent type of case which might stop all future scams like this.

    the proof would be when we contact his (supposed) broker and subpeana his trading records.

    in all honesty, I think he would be financially liable for posting fraudulent gains/losses if we took him in front of a judge.

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