Trader P/L 2006 Questions and Discussion

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  1. Hey, since the P&L thread really is for blotter posting and not for discussion, I'm starting this little thread for anyone who wants to talk about anything or everything about the Trader P/L 2006.

    To the guys trading through / for Hold Brothers - is their platform limited to just the stock market or do they trade Futs, too?
  2. Well I thought this thread would be quite popular but it seems to be dying a quick death so I'll jump start it.

    Wondering why no one apart myself and Tachyon is willing to show what stocks they traded? Beginning to think if others won't share this information why should I?
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    What are the benefits to trading prop and using stocks as your vehicle instead of futures where you can obtain more leverage anyway. Never been an equities guy, not bashing them either. Just would like to know why some chose that route.
  4. Ever tried to push the futures around?
  5. I trade 3 stocks, period.

    GG, NEM, and GLD (ETF)

    I average somewhere between 23 and 29 trades per day R/T.
  6. I wonder this as well. definitely appreciate you posting everything, though.
  7. Red, first off, thanks for reviving this thread. I thought it was a good idea, too, since Magna was opposed to starting discussions within the P&L 2006 thread.

    At any rate, who do you trade through? I'm contemplating trading prop but I would rather trade futures than equities.
  8. I've wondered the same thing and I've found that some guys trade very thin stocks and like to keep it that way.
  9. Some have a very specific strategy which is applied to stocks that meet certain criteria. Sharing the stocks will allow some savvy traders to discern the filter and even get a glimpse of the strategies a successful trader is employing to make money trading that stock or stocks. Then it's just a matter of fine tuning the execution and now I have another strategy for trading and making money.
  10. i used to post my stocks too, but stopped since no one else posts theirs (except Red Ink and Tachyon, that is).

    question for nysekiller. how did you manage to get that much buying power as a new trader? also, what's your payout?

    even if it's a Schonfeldian 20%, or whatever they're paying these days for the huge volume slingers, it's still great coin.
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