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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by kickout, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. kickout


    I'm just curious where one would look for openings in trading field...

    I (think) my background is suited okay for it. I am a PhD student studying Plant Breeding and Geentics, but my formal education is more heavy in genetics and statistics. If you know anything about the field, it is basically statistics applied to genetics on a massive scale.

    I am a competent programmer (programmed in visual basic alot, some java) and very familiar with advanced statistics. I use alot of prediction models (for genetics), so i am familiar with how those algorithms are structured.

    I have been involved in trading for 5-6 years (i'm only 24). Traded equities mostly, but have trading FOREX for about a year now (swing trading). I also follow the corn and soy markets closely as i naturally know alot of whats going on in agriculture and the fundamentals.

    Just wondering if there are any job openings for people like me and where one would look (this stuff advertised on web sites)?