Trader on BBC says Eurozone Market is Toast

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Businessman, Sep 26, 2011.

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    lol.. how did he get on air.
  2. foo


    That is hard to believe that he said that----it's all true---but wow.
  3. Nothing new to us in who deal in the Private Equity World.

    Smart money left the "Global Markets" two years ago. Some may have left a small amount of money in "markets", most clients I know, have less than .5% of their network in "Markets".

    Groupon, prime example of an IPO pulled due to the "Truth" about their Net earnings after paying out their Customers. Show's you the Fluff doesn't work anymore.

    Just look at the IPO market in general over the last year.

    The money in the Markets are the fools, traders who can get flat, pensions and 401ks.

    This guy has balls to tell the truth.

    Markets are toast. However, there are other arena's where money is being made hand over fist.

    So, while the main stream has had their fun, playing the global markets, they will be left standing in the world of Musical Chairs as "Digital" wealth is nothing more than cyberspace dreams.
  4. TraDaToR


    " I don't care about the rescue plan and the economy. My job is to make money".

    "Governments are not ruling the world.Goldman Sachs is"

    Is it normal that every time we see a trader on TV, it is a complete cliché asshole who does nothing but give the worst impression of the profession?
  5. benwm


    I don't think I could come across as more of a dickhead than this guy on national tv if I tried to. Oliver Stone couldn't have dreampt up this guy.

    Great advice on how to make money in a depression...
    "hedging strategies" !!
  6. benwm


    Does anyone know which firm this guy works for or is he an independent trader?
  7. I was thinking the same. And I am not sure how much experience this guy has. He should know that profiting from a meltdown is not a piece of cake, especially today with govt intervention, and certainly the average guy in the street can not easily do it as he claims.
    Tell you what , they do this all the time on TV, (reality TV but also today on the news) they seek perfect aholes on screen to play a role , all they want is create controversy and ultimately serve an agenda. In this case we the traders got screwed with an even worse reputation.
  8. guys a twat. probably an et member

    for you clowns that say its all true, then you will be a very wealthy person very shortly.

    they are lined up around the block to sell you calls on gold, and puts on anything you want

  9. no sure, but seems to be independent
  10. Eight


    He's just happy with volatility and doesn't care about if it's to the downside or up... It's not good diplomacy from the trading world to express that maybe...
    #10     Sep 26, 2011