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  1. I was invited to one of their parties. I went down there and it was full of people trying to sell me something. They had all these watches on a table that were thousands a piece.

    I really just wanted the free food and got drunk off of the wine. A party is a party. It was a nice time, although, some guy from a specialist firm was hanging on me all night trying to sell me something and then there was the watch guy. I actually got into a fight with the CEO of that specialist firm, I dont think they will invite me back anytime soon.

    As for the watches, I wear a Casio. Its very durable and has never given me a problem. Sure, you can wear an expensive watch, but it will eventually either get stolen, lost or broken.

    As for planes, everyone knows that you only rent and not buy it. People get killed in private jets. Going First Class is much better. There is a first class lounge at JFK airport that I favor highly.

    As for cars, I have not owned one in a while and nor do I have that ripoff car insurance. If I did have to own one, then it would be Honda all the way. Mercedes break down and they all depriciate to nothing eventually. The V6 Honda is just a muted BMW 3 series. Its fast and fun too.
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  2. the casio watches rock, especially the Solar Atomic G-Shocks... What timing is more accurate than Atomic? You never have to set the watch... you don't have to change the battery, you can bang it against anything you want, and if you lose it or it gets stolen, it's only $100:) :) :) LOVE THE CASIOS!

    I agree with you about Honda, very good cars, but like to have a Ferrari or a Maserati 8c for the weekend drives.

    Netjets is the way to go for a private jet... gotta love the fact you can smoke cigars on those longer trans-con flights.
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  3. Exactly. I was amazed when my father-in-law came into my office this evening and picked-up my latest Trader Monthly magazine and was reading it. He was enamored with it. Of course, he should be. His own meager stock holdings, despite this roaring bull market, have only done so-so. I think he loved the stories
    of some of the "killings" made this past year.
    All-in-all, Trader Monthly is good stuff. No question, it goes to extraordinary lengths to elevate traders to a level deserved and equivalent to pro athletes and pro actors.
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