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  1. What a pathetic magazine...

    what is in there that will make your 10 bucks worthwhile ?

    besides dreaming of grossly inflated war stories and mega paychecks , private jets and 50 feet yachts bwahaha
  2. That is why is signed up for a free susbscription online, fun reading for free but not worth the money.

    They are a little full of themselves and the Wall Street image. Notice how the first few pages always show young traders at these lavish parties looking at fancy watches and drinking prime liquor and smoking top of the line stogies. I also find it funny that the ads are all for Bentleys, expensive watches, and $1,000,0000+ new condos.

    But in between all that some fun reading. Do a search online for a way to sign up for a free subscription.
  3. yeah like a Bentley is on every trader's shopping list of course , jeez the advertisers are really wasting their $$

    I know they have free subscriptions, this stuff is just unhealthy long term. Read thi stuff and you come home wanting to triple your size to afford the fucking Bentley

    and take top 100 earnings figures and bios with a grain of salt. One of the top under 30, was a trader in my area and the local press gave a somewhat different account of his success story , a lot less spectacular than the Trader Monthly version.Journalists always must romanticize and glamourize the truth especially in the financial and business press
  4. You are right about it, but you can get it free and once in a while you can find a good story in it too. Same with "Futures" and a host of other US magazines.

    Here is my friend's site where you can get more info about it:

    I admit that's a shameless plug of sorts, but you really don't need to buy anything from him. And check out the Eclectic section of his site. Some entries are hillarious...
  5. Drambuie


    It's basically pornographic.

    I get the magazine for free in the mail. Two years ago when I was in school I pretended to be a trader and they have given me a free subscription. I believe the paper version is free to traders. You'd be crazy to shell out $10 for it.
  6. I like Futures, there is pretty much always one or two good pieces in it.
    Active Trader: lots of garbage when it comes to trading stuff but outside of TA stuff they sometimes have some good articles
  7. canuck


    you mean you don't own a plane?

    get with the times dude.....speaking of which if you can't afford a $65k watch you really need to step up and buy one. That's the only way to really know what time it is......

    yea right ;)
  8. I dont mean to be an ass by saying this, but are you only mad becuse you cant afford these lavish objects?. I personally like looking at these expensive things, becuse it gives me something to aim for. Trader monthly is obviously targeting the Goldman sachs type trader..someone who takes home a 15 million dollar bonus check.
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    Breguet definatly makes some cool watches though, has to be atleat 50k$

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  10. I find it's a surprisingly good mag.

    A lot of Wall St stories and gossip they write about are spot on.

    Of course it's got fanboy aspects and the whole "cigar-watch-plane" bit is basically Maxxim for the trader set, but in the mix are some genuinely interesting tit bits.
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