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  1. Does anyone subscribe to this?

    Worth the $100 a year?
  2. It is "worth it" if you like glossy advertisements for luxury items.

    If on the other hand you want to read something of substance about the profession, it is worthless (in my opinion).

    It is similar to "People magazine" in the sense that it approaches the industry as though it were composed of celebrities, when in fact, they are as a group, rather boring. Even the wannabees are boring.

    You certainly could spend the $100 on it, however they send it to me for free and I assume you can obtain it without charge if you want.

    On the other hand, if you want to read pretensious fantasy oriented bullshit about trading, why not just skim Marketsurfer's thread "the surf report". You won't see pictures of luxury items because the guy doesn't have that kind of success, but the rest is all there...

    Good luck
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    lol, what do you mean?!

    i read it everymonth, helps me decide on which 40,000$ watch i want next duhh.
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    Trader Monthly put Brett Michaelson on the cover of 30 under 30 issue (unemployed non-trading douche), has traders (models pretending to be traders) flashing 7k phones, ads for NYC buildings, pictures of parties, and many other GQ-like features, the articles are written on subjects that are old (recent issue had article about NYMEX going the way of electronic trading, the website has wine-clubs and other non-trading related but affordable if successful at trading or anything, I find it an entertaining read but in no way is it helpful to traders. It is also full of annoying quotes that ensue that all traders all billionaire hedge fund managers. Still, it is entertaining err silly.
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    I may have got his first name wrong, maybe Zach
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    They've been sending them to me free since the first issue. I read that first one and have dropped each subsequent in the trash as soon as I pull it out the mailbox.

  7. I filled out a bogus firm name and they mail it to me for free. Good bathroom reading and doubles as slick and smooth toliet paper from their glossy finish on the pages when I am done.
  8. That's me too. (Well, not the toilet paper part. Eww!) I've never paid a cent for it and seeing the pics of the well healed always helps to imagine the money trading can generate.

    Not that I want a 40K watch, but it'll sure be damn nice to be able to afford one.
  9. Magnus, the guy that started the mag sold his firm Mac Futures to Refco for many millions a while back...I think the articles are actually pretty good....and as mentioned above, it's free if you're in the industry....
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    Why in the hell would you pay for it? They send it to almost everyone I know for free.
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