Trader Monthly RIP

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  1. luxor


    This was the only magazine I actually looked forward to getting and reading. The only other two magazines I ever liked as much as this were Omni and Discover back in the 80s.

    Any body have the complete set, or willing to part with some issues? I'm trying to collect the it.
  2. they threw some awesome parties. hopefully someone rises up and takes their place---- there is a market there, should someone be able to manage correctly.

  3. it was a waste of good trees. i recieved it for years free. there were maybe 3 articles interesting enought to read.
  4. The watch ads were great, too bad nobody buys a different $25K Patek watch these days for each outfit.
  5. EPrado


    3 ?

    You are being way too generous.

    At least I never paid for an issue. I think it had a cover price of $10. Quite possibly the biggest rip off in history since the indians sold Manhattan Island for $24.
  6. 1) You could take a Sports Illustrated, GQ, Cigar Aficionado or Car & Driver magazine, cross out the title with white-out, write Trader Monthly over the white-out and have the equivalent of a "Trader Monthly".
    2) That magazine could be revived near the next major bull market top that arises.......maybe in your lifetime. :cool:
  7. I thought it was a little over the top, but I enjoyed the articles and whatnot ... and besides, like someone else mentioned, it was free. :D
  8. I think that having to go more mainstream and less 'macho', did it in.

  9. agree, they had several great writers and it was totally entertaining. their trader parties were a hoot--girls, cigars, drinks, watches, cars--- all the good stuff!

    too bad,
  10. S2007S


    Come on, is anyone really surprised by this, within the next 5 years hundreds of magazines wont exist, there is no reason to buy magazines anymore when the content can be found online or smart phone.

    There will be no such thing as newspapers or magazines in the next 5-10 years.

    :p :p :p :p :p
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