Trader Monthly reborn as T.L.M (Trader Life Magazine)

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  1. Just an idea I had for a magazine that targets the active trader

    demographic. Males 18 - 45 I believe it is...

    I found that myself and the other traders on here who were readers of Trader Monthly, read it mostly for entertainment value, rather than something they could relate to on a personal level.

    Where were the stories of the retail trader, or the guy at the prop shop at Assent pulling in 10 G's a day?..or even just the regular guys who grind out, day-in-day-out? Where were the advertisments of things I could actually afford?, etc...

    So insted of page after page of some rich stiff in a 2,000 dollar suit, with a smirk on his face because he just made 15 million, How bout a magazine about the mis-represented 95%.

    This magazine would be almost identical to that of HH (Heavy Hitters) magazine, but aimed at traders.

    For those that have sadly never read HH, its about successfull people in business who show off their toys, and their homes, but also talk about life and how they became successfull. Trading is a business, so I think the shoe fits.

    The mag would travel the country, and dive into the minds, and lifestyles of successfull independant traders.
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    which one do you want?

    the guy at a prop shop doing 10G's a day becomes a rich stiff in a 2k suit with a smirk on his face.
  3. During the tech boom IBD would profile (maybe once a week) regular Joe retail traders (mostly day traders) making mucho dinaros. It would be nice to see an update on "Where are they now?"
  4. Maybe, maybe not. But the point is he trades his own money, and not some guy from Harvard trading at Goldman. Thats not the group most traders fall into.
  5. I'd be interested in TLM - Trailer Life Magazine! :D
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    Sounds like a money making idea to me.:D
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    ill send you an invite to my facebook page. how about that?

    you can read about it, then dream about it, while im living it!

    and you thought i was *just* some dude with nothing better to do than post crap on et!



    (how far down the rabbit hole do you wanna go?.... faint laughter, fading in the distance)
  8. Bump. I'd like more responses. Would you pay 10+ dollars for this magazine? T.M was a bit pricey as well. The only issue I see is that after a while, you run out of things to write about. I know in Active Trader mag, its always the same crap.