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  1. Hello everyone - - I can't seem to find a copy of the latest Trader Monthly magazine after checking several of my usual local sources (I'm in the Seattle area) I might just get a subscription, but wonder - are these guys are still up and running ? - - I know its only a hundred bucks, but I've been burned on magazine subscriptions in the past :mad:
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  3. Thanks bdon, I appreciate it. - -
  4. I bought a new home last year. Ever since I moved I haven't received an issue. I even went to the website 2x's to continue my sub...but after a month, still no mag.

    I'd never pay for it...but it is fun bathroom reading.
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    IMHO Trader mag tries to project 'common trader' as a fast lane hollywood type porsche racing individual...........something that feeds the imaginations and fantasies but does little to improve 'average joe' in his trading skills. TASC, Futures, TradeWorld etc. are much more valueable in gaining knowledge and refining trading skills.
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    I think the place of Trader Monthly is to report on those who are past the stage of wanting to improve in that way. Of course everyone is always looking to improve, but at some level you just don't get much from mags and books beyond the occassional interesting tidbit. It seems to be the first mag to report on those who have "made it" and in that regard I think they fill an important niche in the industry.
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    PLAYBOY has more value as a resource to my trading than TRADER'S magazine.

    S.F.O., and FUTURES are ok but redundant after 5 or 6 issues and are also FREE! TASC is worth buying a few issues but also redundant. Face it, TI's do not change.
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    Traders Monthly is more gossipy journalism so you won't learn a great deal about trading but the magazine has its merits.

    Traders work as hard or harder than most people, they should be allowed a little indulgence once in a while.
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    K is correct.
  10. Well, you can pick up the latest copy at the Borders by Southcenter Mall. I get it for free though.
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