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Discussion in 'Trading' started by chiefraven, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. "DealFlow Media has acquired the assets of Doubledown Media LLC, including the global rights to publish and use Doubledown's names, its entire database of subscribers, and all trademarks and copyrights with the exception of Private Air. Included in the purchase are the assets relating to Trader Monthly, Dealmaker, and Corporate Leader magazines, amongst other Doubledown brands and products. "

    so apparently the company that owns Trader Monthly magazine sold their company to someone else. and eventhough dealflow media says it has acquired all these magazine from doubledown. Yet i dont see an option to subscribe to Trader Monthly from the new company :( wtf

    DOES ANYONE SUBSCRIBE TO IT? if so, are you still getting your issues?

    lastly, is the magazine useful at all? For someone who is interested in institutional trading.
  2. Surdo


    I have not seen an issue in well over a year, the magazine was pretty much a useless bathroom floor rag with nothing but ads for watches and planes.
  3. zdreg