TRADER MONTHLY BROKE? doubledown folds???

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    <i>Breaking News Rumor: Trader Monthly / Doubledown Media Flat Broke, Forced To Turn Off Air Conditioning
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    Wow, the immature prick that I am, I’ve dreamed of this day ever since their sick twisted son of a bitch editor-in-thief Randall “The ideal reader is 29 years old, making $400,000 a year, and spending all of it.” Lane’s smear campaign of me waaaay back in early 2007, but now it looks to finally be coming true. Rumors are flying that after losing an arbitration case with Private Air (who after “buying” their magazine, they allegedly stiffed), now they are flat broke and have turned off the air conditioning in their midtown Manhattan offices!

    Karma’s a bitch, huh Randy?

    It gets worse, apparently the Refco carcass is also demanding the money Doubledown owes them!

    Doubledown never became a publicly-traded stock, but based on their many sins of the past, media manipulation, enemies they made along the way, lawsuits, etc.–well, they’re a prime example of how corrupt and incompetent most tiny companies are.

    Randy, FYI, next time you might as well do a pump and dump BEFORE your business fails, the key to this game my friend is capital…and you ain’t got none</i>
  2. you mean I won't get my magazine with the 100K watches anymore? damn.
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    Now that is a reputable news source Surfer!

  4. 1) That magazine sucked. A bunch of wannabes kissing ass to the few who made it big.

    2) Sykes is a tool.
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    Seriously, how much does Sykes pay you to pump him surf? or is this more of a 'barter' type deal?

  6. I want my money back!

    I sure will miss the Mad Magazine of trading.
  7. I'll miss the Trader Monthly top 30 under 30 issue. It was quite good at naming some of the complete and utter tools of Wall St. Besides, Timmay, remember Zach "Eigenvalues" Michaelson?
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    I wish ET had an option for "Ignore any thread that relates to Timothy Sykes"

  9. Yeah, it is becoming quite obvious, no ? :)
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