Trader Monthly 100 (Top Earning Traders in 2006)

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  1. This magazine makes me so jelious.
  2. These guys have done well.

    But guess what?

    There are people right here on good old ET who done just as well or even better as a % of their capital.
  3. 'Zactly correct.

    Sure, those guyz are BSDs and make a zillion bux, but my heroes are those of us who battle it out, on home computers, in retail accounts at 2-4X margin, with minimal resources (sorry, prop dudes) and beat the market year after year!

    WTG! :cool:
  4. It would be more interesting to see who wins in terms of CAGR. The little guys would be on a level playing field if you figured it that way.

    Although the little guy making 100% a year on his 5k deposit still isn't making much $$$.
  5. silk


    Come on, are these guys really traders?

    If you gave these guys a $1MM account and told them to get busy trading. Would these guys have any profits after a month?

    I don't think these guys are traders in the same way that most of us on this board are.
  6. That guy made 300% on over $1 billion.... no kidding they do not trade like us and I would much rather trade like them then like me :)
  7. doublea


    Please tell me that you're joking.
  8. Is this magazine worth reading or is it gonna tell me how poor I am compared to the people they profile? I just signed up and got a free subscription.
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