Trader mistakes; fired or survived? Tell Us

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by cml2949, May 6, 2006.

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    Anyone want to share a time you made a mistake in trading and wasn't fired for it? Or a time when you made a mistake and was canned for it ? Thanks, I enjoy reading these types of thread!
  2. Do you also enjoy slowing down to watch car wrecks, and to see if there is blood pooling on the pavement? :confused:
  3. Is it human nature to get fired? TorontoTrader2?
  4. Sometimes I clicked the button to quick, got the ask price.

    I would be out immediately, taking a loss.

    This happened several times.
  5. orct came out with earnings several weeks ago, it beat earnings so i bought 500 shares at about 19, right after i bought (pre-market) they preannounced next quarter revenues would be light, the stock instantly went to 16.

    Inthe space of 30 seconds, i was down 1500 dollars, to compound this, i tried to sell the 500 i just bought and i accidentally hit the buy button instead of the sell button, so i inadvertantly purchased another 500 shares at 17, by the time the purchase got executed at 17, the bid dropped to 15.90 and then i sold the 1000 shares.

    it was the most pathetic set of trades i ever did, lesson learned - don't buy illiquid stocks on earnings until the guidance comes out if at all.
  6. Slept with the bosses wife


  7. just only slept?:confused: