trader making $800k a year net

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    Here is a thread from reddit that has a guy netting $800k on $4million, automated trading:

    He gives some advice on books/platform, plus you can ask him ???s directly.
  2. And you believe an anonymous person claiming this WHY??? We already have a lot of those on EliteTrader. It is called "paper trading" or "sim trading" or "I just had a great backtest, making..."
  3. "making"... LOL... Good one!
  4. empee


    Yeah your right. I'll try to keep from posting potential useful information to other traders.

    Thanks for enlightening me.
  5. wutang


    Dunno, I read it and he sounds legit (from what little I know). Books he recommended, what little elaboration he gave on strategies, attitude towards the work all sound appropriate and non amature/guru-ish. Even his (what I feel is) underappreciation for risk, relience on stats sounds legit, like other traders making consistant profits before going kaboom.
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    Don't quote trolls please, it hurts my eyes to see their posts... I tried to kill one the other day in a gas station... for my sake and the sake of all the hair trigger psychos here on ET, try to refrain from quoting them...

    anyhow, I broke out my calculator, on the YM, 30 5pt average net gains with 5 contracts would do it..
  7. why didn't he expose himself to Elitetrader

    would have had more credibility on his story
  8. wutang


    Note his comments about which forums he finds useful: "While I don't post on them,, nuclearphynance, and wilmott forums have a good audience. There's also a few gems at elitetrader, but I don't think there's more than a couple of guys who are making money and they don't post often."
  9. this poster is an anonymous unknown on a chat site that claims to make $800,000

    Again, this person is taken seriously Why???
  10. wutang


    Isn't that an ad hominem attack? Isn't it the substance of a person's argument that one should judge. I treat it with just as much skepticism as anything I read on a forum.
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