Trader Mag???

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  1. Has anyone gotten their issue this month? I hope it's just that they couldn't get it to my backwoods area, and their website just happens to be down.

    It's my inspiration! not.
  2. yeah, that's odd - I haven't been able to get the page downloaded in a couple of days and being that I paid a whole $0.00 bucks for it, i was getting worried!
  3. got it in the mail last thursday
  4. i just got it in my mail.
    there's a guy getting out of a helicopter in the front cover
  5. Sooo is the helicopter supposed to make me believe there is something of value inside, or that some knucklehead is looking to buy a new helicopter ?

    ..... Either way I could care less ......
  6. That magazine is a waste of ink and paper.
  7. Ebo


    It makes great kindling!
    Roll it up and shove it under the grate.
  8. wait, are we talking about the magazine called Trader Monthly located at that is published bi-monthly?
  9. its a guy from assent i think
    To be honest, i just read this magazine cause is Free..
  10. Isn't the Helicopter on the front cover a secret signal to all the hegie's :eek: that we are GOING UP...

    It's really hard knowing which indicators to use...




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