Trader Looking for Mentor, willing to sign a deal to pay % of winnings

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    I am looking for someone to mentor me and a buddy, in exchange we'll sign a legal agreement to pay 25% to 33% of our winnings for a period of x years.

    We are willing to relocate.

    If interested PM ME. Also, because I've asked this before and got a lot of losing traders willing to mentor me I will need to see tax returns before I get into a legal agreement to pay 25% to 33% of winnings

  2. academic


    Maybe this is because the winning traders don't have time for mentoring.
  3. Sushi


    How much
  4. Sushi


  5. Sushi


    We? A trading team?
  6. NYC212


    just read through it. he said "he and his buddy" as in "we"
  7. Is this a joke?

    Mentoring or not, you are unlikely to become profitable anyway so it is not worth the time of a profitable trader. First of all, you would have to pay at least 50% of your potential winnings. On top of that, you would have pay for the trader's time.
  8. Sushi



    he is looking for a buddy and a mentor

    read it again
  9. Tough crowd! I'm making money trading, and I dropped the guy a PM because I'm trying to get more chatter in a group I formed. More sets of eyes looking at set-ups. Didn't ask for a dime.

  10. Elite Trader used to be a cool place, but lately the toverall hreads value is less and less and less...

    1) You said you did this before and got losing traders, why are you back here ?

    2) How much trading capital are you talking about ? That is the very first thing you should mention it will save a lot of time and bs for you and whoever is interested.

    3) I doubt you'll find anyone interested unless your starting capital is $ 250k. See there are a lot of grey areas on how the mentorship will take place.

    4) You say nothing about what kind of trading you'd like to invest your money or would like to learn, it just shows that you have no idea what you are talking about. The kind of replies you will likely get, will be replies from people like you. People who don't know what they are talking about. Perfect match, and a few months from now you will be writing the same thread.

    5) If you have a capitalized account you might want to find someone good, with a proven performance who will teach you for a fee ( AND THAT IS ALREADY HARD TO FIND ). However after you learn the gains will be all yours.

    6) Last but not least it seems that you are looking to cut corners. On a good note it is precisely because there are people like you that this industry can make a living.
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