Trader looking for a Prop Firm that can...

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Rydawg2003, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. I've been trading retail for 4 years and have traded all different sorts of strategies from rebates to momo to scalping, I've finally come accross a strategy that yields consistent profits with minimal downside risk. But unfortunately at the same time I started yielding consistent profits I had to pay off college and there went a hefty chunck of my trading capital. It is quite frustrating knowing and being able to make profits trading, but I don't have enough money and or a good commission schedule to allow me to do so.

    Is there a prop firm out there that can offer me:

    1. with about 10K down, about 400K + in buying power, or is willing to gradually build up to that type of bp with consistent returns?

    2. Commissions of 3$ or less per 1000 shares

    3. Lightning fast executions for large block orders of say 10K shares or so as long as the liquidity is there in the stock

    4. Reliability

    5. I can get access to my deposit at any time no questions asked

    6. I am willing to work out a % of my profits to go to the firm.

    7. Remote trading - as I am located in southern california