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    Ive been viewing journals for awhile ,,And thought I'd start one.

    I trade for a living , I use a "make some money everyday" kind of philosophy. I trade for small objectives , tight stops. Using primarily
    price action, volume and DOM. The methodology is rule based discretionary trading I would like to show examples of this type of trading as being successful. I hope to post daily trade data and chart of days activity. What is a good format for I keep adding to original thread or start new one for the day.

  2. I look forward to your journal entries.

    It is far better for your readers to use the same thread as they can get a notification when there is a new entry.
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    That is a rather strange question from someone who has been here for 18 months. But anyway, obviously just one Journal, this will do just fine....

    Since you are scalping, I wouldn't worry about posting real time trades. But an end of day chart with noting the prices where you took positions and an explanation for why you did would be wonderful.... I mean only a few, not 2-300....
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    Ive been here for 18 mo, first post here though. Most of my earlier posts and interests concerned with api,s and pit falls of red light green light trading. Anyway below is the chart I use exclusively. I really heavily on DOM , reading time sales.
    For demonstration of trading method. Parameters will extracted from data that is on ninjatrader. Chart and executed trades from ninjatrader will be posted.
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    It didnt go through on the first try
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    Could you share the app. stats, like:

    -How many trades a day?
    -Average holding period?
    -Average gain?
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    Im not sure what you mean app . front end is ninja trader all studies are available there.
    Actual idicators and parameters are at top of chart. My crossover is proprietary.

    Trades 8 to 18
    In a trade 30 secs to 3 min "usually have days objective by 11:00 am"
    Trade objective 6 tics average is 3 tics . 5 to 6 handles on the day is last trade entry
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    Here is today's trading

    I hope to show an example of brick layer type trading

    small objectives,smaller losses , consistent trade selection'

    Rather than chasing red light green light "holy grail" sytem

    I use one chart,DOM and time and sales...very basic stuff
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    can i add multiple files to one post
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