Trader IQ: Catch Rennick in a Lie!

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  1. Below are two posts from the renowned trader Bill Rennick.
    Could you spot a likely piece of misinformation that managed to creep in?
    An observant trader should not have a problem figuring this one out.

    Shortie Holmes Out :cool:
  2. No Nov. 'Bellies contracts are listed? Either that, or because he said the barkeep was a "lady!"

    But cummon, catching Rennick in a lie, is about as hard as ketching Rosie O'Donnell eating a whole carton of Ben & Jerry's! :D
  3. :)
  4. i will wait for a couple more ideas before revealing the answer
  5. #1 Rennick is obviously older than dirt :). #2 if he is referring to the Battle of Chosin reservoir he is off by two years as it took place in Nov - Dec of 1950 and not in 1952 as would be the case if we took his recollection of being 35 years ago as being accurate. Obviously, this is minor but that that's all I could come up with in 5 minutes but I guess I can forgive him for mistaking two years as he did say "over 35 years ago"...

    btw, how/why did you dig up threads that are from 2006?
  6. i have been preparing for the pending market crash and decided to revisit the history
  7. I would also guess about the Nov bellies contract because there are indeed no frozen belly Futures contracts for Nov delivery but there are fresh belly options and he never clarified whether he was in the futures or options. This is probably what you are referring because odds are he is referring to Frozen belly futures and not fresh belly options.

    Fresh Belly Options: Two month of January, March, May, July, August, September, November and Flex Options
  8. great ideas so far!

    i actually had something else in mind. but my answer may not beat the pork belly contact existence answer (if it is correct)
  9. He's got an attic in his 87th story?

  10. LOL!

    it is getting warmer...
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