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  1. A mess of books at bargain basement prices for those of you who may wish to expand your horizons and put a couple of bucks in my wallet. All titles are 25-30% of new book price. If you are interested then please PM me.


  2. Here they be.
  3. Only one more day and I'm yanking this stuff - that's 25-30% OF not OFF the original new book price.

  4. That's it. Mod please close this thread.


  5. nkhoi


    21. Hit and Run Trading I & II (+DVD), Jeff Cooper, 2004, $60.00.

    good deal! too bad I already have them.
  6. I'm interested. How much to ship to Montreal, Canada? And what is the payment method?

    Tentative list of what I'm considering to get 26 or 43, 7, 19, 27, 28, and 21.

    What is the difference between 26 and 43? Other than the difference in the year it was published... is the material in it different?
  7. Hi,

    Give me an hour and I'll PM you with the details, George.

  8. iice74


    are any of these books still available for sale?
  9. If anyone is interested I can give you over 1,000 books on investing Compiled in PDF files for computer - for free. It's a 1.2 Gigabyte file though so I hope you have broadband.
  10. Nice timing.

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