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  1. Trader in PHOENIX looking for partner that is experienced and interested in using Ninja Trader to identify positive expectancy models and implement them in sim and live market Futures trading. I am also interested in implementing optimized money management techniques on various models for the purpose of exponential account growth. It does not matter if you live in the Phoenix area but rather that you are serious about rising above the level of "discretionary" Trader and are ready to start trading a rules based model and understand positive expectancy. Capitol not required. Any interested Trader please respond by posting or sending me an e-mail. stevethetrader.
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    excellent, all sounds very interesting ... do you speak Spanish
  3. No, but you seem to type English quite well.
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    qué lástima and thank you for the compliment.
    I try my best.
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    I will try to ask in English.

    Why do you mean by rising above "discretionary trading"

    Is it your belief that Discretionary Traders are incapable of carrying ironclad rules in their head, and that the discretion they apply is directed to the daily macro state of the market rather than the last few thousand contracts traded.
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    haha...thats some good ass english
  7. LOL. Yah, tell me about it. lol. Better than mine.

    Im not trying to speak for other Traders. All Im saying is, I have traded without a plan and I have traded with a plan and with a plan is better. lol. And if more than one person can refine a plan and agree on a plan it just may be even better. I dont know about floor Traders but Im certain that institutional Traders dont work alone. Hence, Im looking for a partner or partners with the same mind set and experience as me.
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    Good luck with the sharing thingy, it is just not my bag.

    FWIW English english is my main language followed by French and then Spanish.

    I have a reasonable grasp on American English and I am fluent in 'Stralian (that is Australian to you lessor Mortals)
  9. Thanks for the edgeucation Horge.