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  1. Hi
    I have recently graduated from City Uni as software engineer. But i am very interested in Trading as a career and want to apply to credit suisse.

    Can anyone tell me anything about the application process, and what are the things i need to know before applying.

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    Do you mean to apply to credit suisse with an open application or for a specific position?
  3. FOr an open application as a graduate. As a Trading Analyst
  4. elit


    Do you have any experience in the field?

    I guess you do need to have expertise if your to get employed by CS. What can you offer Credit Suisse that would make them want to hire you?

    If you can't answer that question, I don't think they wont have any interest in you, I'm afraid.

    You should find a telephone number to somebody in Credit suisse and phone the guy up and discuss your possibilities.
  5. elit


    One more thing, credit suisse might have some kind of internship/trainee-program for graduated/students. Check out their website, contact them asking about this.

    Best of luck!
  6. timmyz


    if you have to ask this on this board then your school is not part of their recruiting program. this means that unless you know someone your chances of getting hired are about zero.
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    Suck it up vanilla, you're a coder, not a trader.
    Put your energy into the field you've choosen, be the hero, save the day! No glory as a "trading analyst".

  8. good point. there are tonnes of places you can get your feet wet as a programmer/trader though.

    What school did you go to? As far as programming what can you do?
  9. My School is part of their recruiting prog in IT but i am not too sure about Trading.

    i guess i am better off calling in HR

  10. elit


    You can always start there in IT, network a bit to get contacts to trading side and wait for positions to open or later apply there.
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