Trader In Court After Girlfriend Cashs Strip.r Cheque

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  1. how can you make a promise like that.

    i think i would have lasted less than one week.

    45 year-old Greg Calvino, then a trader at RBC Capital Markets, apparently made a promise in 2005 to Eilsa Kwon, his then-girlfriend, that he would keep on the straight and narrow. He said that he would refrain from using drugs, wouldn't stay out late partying and wouldn't hang around strip joints or hang out with hookers. So confident was Calvino that he would uphold his promise, that he signed over a $100,000 cheque to Ms Kwon.
    In March 2005, after Ms Kwon claims that Calvino enjoyed a night on the tiles with the lads (after allegedly visiting an adult entertainment club), she cashed the cheque. The trader's former girlfriend even claims that Calvino failed a store-bought drugs test she made him take after his evening out.

    Calvino, who says that he was only drunk that night, claims that the whole thing is extortion and recent went to court to get his money back (plus damages and interest). He says that Ms Kwon threatened to go to his bosses and tell tales of his alleged activities with 'strippers and whores'. Ms Kwon has now counter-claimed, saying that Calvino reneged on his promise and that she is due her money as he did not keep his end of the bargain.

  2. Short 'naked' options can blow up in your face, the trader guy should have known better!
  3. sim03


    "then a trader" - what is he now... strip joint bouncer?

    "then-girlfriend" - if your gf makes you take a drug test when you get home from wherever you've been and you fail the said test, this is your subtle clue to modify her status to that of an "ex-girlfriend," effective immediately. First thing in the morning just might be a good time to contact your bank and stop payment on that "I'm hopelessly pussywhipped" check that in your hung-over state you hopefully manage to recall giving her once upon a time.

    Prediction: both cases get thrown out and she keeps the loot. You go, girl.
  4. Dating strippers is usually a mistake.
  5. I'm thinking he may have been under the influence when he made the original contract with his girlfriend. In that case he probably has a substance abuse problem and losing his 100K might be enough of a bottom for him to get himself healthy.

    Hope he does.
  6. Looks like a case for a good contract lawyer.