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  1. I've been trading forex for a number of years and here's my analysis and what I'm looking for tomorrow. I enter as long as the real time statistical trend is up/down and 70% of currencies SUPPORT the trade, most of the USD pairs with 10 to 12 pip stops. Key to trading is small losses, many break evens and 10 to 20% of the trades result in 25 to 100+ pip moves.

    Tomorrow's bias is UP

    NZD/USD 0.58 0.6 Buy above .5387
    and at .5218 support

    CAD/JPY 0.56 0.5 Buy above 75.36 and at 72.74 support

    USD/CHF 0.53 0.45 Short under 1.1589 buy over 1.1660

    NZD/JPY 0.53 0.6 buy above 49.50, sell under 49.00

    AUD/USD 0.53 0.6 buy above .6812, sell under .6777 buy .6650

    EUR/USD 0.52 0.4 sell under 1.3004, buy at 1.2900 and at 1.2785

    GBP/USD 0.52 0.55 buy above 1.4943, sell if below 1.4800, buy 1.4600

    Tomorrow's Bias is Down

    EUR/GBP 0.49 0.55

    GBP/JPY 0.48 0.45 sell if under 136, carefully buy above 137, buy 132.65

    AUD/JPY 0.48 0.55 buy above 62.70, buy 60.50 down to 60, sell if under 60

    EUR/JPY 0.47 0.4 sell at 119.75 if market can't break, buy above and buy 116.00

    USD/JPY 0.45 0.4 sell at 92.25 and aggressively if 90.90 gets broken

    GBP/CAD 0.43 0.3
    EUR/CAD 0.41 0.4
    USD/CAD 0.4 0.3 weak as long as it stays under 1.2260 may find support at 1.2081
  2. The thing I like best about my system is that IF I'm wrong about a certain pair then I don't trade it or will do the opposite.

    Took USD/CHF buy at 1.1724 and out at 1.1748 and bought again at 1.1661 for 12 pip loss. Net +12

    AUD/USD shorted when broke 0.6769 and out at statistically likely reversal area 0.6694. I waited for move back up to hourly MA but never happened so no re entry. +75

    EUR/USD sold 1.2981 out at 1.2897 last night with +84 and shorted hourly MA today at 1.2948 and lost 15 pips so net +69

    GBP/USD I was definitely wrong about bias and once it broke down under previous weeks high at 1.4842 shorted at that level on retest. The GBP was weakest currency (tied with AUD) at 4am EST so thats why I shorted there. Trade didn't explode down as I had anticipated so out at 1.4805 for +37. Weakness in GBP evaporated plus weakness in USD prevented me from shorting again.

    GBP/JPY best trades. Shorted the 136 break down last night for 150 pips and again at hourly MA this morning for another 120 pip. +270. When a pair does what my overnight predictions are I usually trade double lots but not in volatile pairs like GBPJPY or other high ATR pairs.

    The other pairs didn't meet my criteria. I'll post tomorrow's projected levels and how I plan to trade them tonight.
  3. Here's how I intend to trade tomorrow and levels I plan to look at. IF in real time our trend momentum tools verify these levels then I'll take trade and also look at strength/weakness of all pairs and will take pullback trades in strongest/weakest trending pairs as well. Some of the levels I really believe in I put limit orders with automatic stop/take profit.

    Score Predict
    EUR/GBP 0.55 0.6 Buy at .8800

    USD/CAD 0.54 0.6 Buy at 1.2300 and beware of resistance at 1.2538

    EUR/USD 0.48 0.45 Short under hourly MA needs to break 1.2750 area for real weakness, sell 1.3000

    USD/CHF 0.48 0.4 Sell from 1.1678 to 1.1715 down to 1.1480

    EUR/JPY 0.46 0.4 Sell 117.24 and 119.29
    CAD/JPY 0.43 0.45 Sell 73.40-73.55 zone
    GBP/USD 0.43 0.4 If weak sell 1.4562 otherwise 1.4700-1.4720

    AUD/USD 0.42 0.3 Sell 0.6600-.6620

    GBP/JPY 0.41 0.3 Sell 132.65 to 133. Sell 133.82. Sell 134.67

    AUD/JPY 0.4 0.3 Aggressively sell 60-60.11 then 60.62

    NZD/USD 0.39 0.4 Sell .5312 and .5340-50
    NZD/JPY 0.38 0.2 Sell 47.93-48.00 sell 48.30 sell 48.68
  4. Ok, I'll bite. Are you going to post charts or keep your super secret momemtum tooks all for your special self.....
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    Nice short on the gbpjpy. Double top was a nice setup.
  6. Well they're not my tools, use two tools in TopGun software called FX Power Index which measures the breadth of the currencies and FX Multimap which shows the intensity. I may attach a few charts in future postings but installed a new video card and machine crashed. Some of the visual basic scripts I use only work in real time as I use data off multiple time frames.
  7. Here's a chart of my EURJPY short at 117.20 and out at 116.80 and again short at 117.20 and out at 116.55. I usually use trendlines AT my entry places to decide WHEN to get in. This often avoids unnecessary losses as if the market doesn't break the trendline AT my predetermined level then I have no trade and NO LOSS! That's one of my biggest secrets. I do the nightly analysis and then and only if market isn't too strong using the FX multimap as seen here (under 20 isn't very strong) I short.

    The second trade up there was even better as there is clear divergence, this means EUR is less strong against other pairs and USD is more strong so MORE likely to go down.

    I shorted GBPJPY at hourly MA 130.75 using same approach and trailing stop got me out at 129.41 best trade.

    Shorted AUD/USD at .6600 twice, first caught 22 pips and second trade shorted .6591 and out at .6518 when chandelier stop hit.
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    Great strategy. I think people... particularly noobs ... get so caught up in their wavy lines that they lose perspective.

    I trade similar. Draw some trend lines, figure out some cycles and then WAIT for price to hook up with time at an area of support/resistance. And then I bring out the other tools to dial in the exact entry, add-ons, etc.

    Possible GBPUSD go long area I'm watching is here:
  9. Tomorrow's Trades and levels I've set alerts at to then look at chart and consider entries.

    EUR/GBP buy at .8800
    AUD/JPY Buy at 57.55
    USD/CHF buy from 1.1468 to 1.1434
    USD/CAD Buy 1.1258
    NZD/USD Buy .5150
    USD/JPY Buy 89.50
    EUR/JPY Sell 118.24 to 118.38 or buy 115 to 114.80
    AUD/USD Buy .6400
    EUR/CAD Buy 1.5850
    CAD/JPY Buy 71.50
    EUR/USD Sell 1.3050 to 1.3071 buy 1.2742
    GBP/JPY Look for sells over 132 using trendline entry method
    GBP/CAD Sell 1.8100
    GBP/USD Aggressively sell 1.4562 up to 1.4647
  10. I see Chris is still keeping busy coming up with fancy new indicators.
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