Trader for Bunge, Cargill, ADM

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by milktruck, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. I was curious what you can make working as a grain/sugar/etc trader for a big ag firm. I know its not day trading exactly but I really like the business and wonder if it would be lucrative and if anyone here knew about pay scales.
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    i think thats a great business. IMO, its more deal making than how trading but that allows for a human to do it. as for money, I dont know but look at Marc Rich who traded physical oil and metals. You can make good money
  3. There is a story in "invisible hands" - stephen drobny's new macro trading book about a woman who worked at Cargill for a while and really became a highly paid hedge fund manager after. The interviewers aren't mentioned by name, but it sounds like a good career builder place.

    It seems to me that she was recommending the Company from my reading of the article..
  4. Yeah thats kind of my plan, in a way.

    Im actually working for one of the big 3 above as an intern, I just havent gotten to the point where I can ask about full time salary. I found some reports of 70k + 20k bonus on one of those sites that collects data, which I could live with but Id still have a wandering eye come graduation next year.

    Seriously, very interesting business. If I can get into their LDP and make closer to $100k Id pledge my soul to the man and be a happy corporate cog for the next 5 years at least, which is the most Ive committed to anything in my short and shallow life!