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  1. 2 sections, fits 4 traders. Great for a hedge fund setup. One section measures : l 60" x w 88" x h 29". Price $1000.00 for two sections. Location is by Los Angeles area.
  2. Another picture.
  3. A grand for that keep dreaming, I haven't checked the used desk market lately, but I can have something custom built for that price.
  4. Does it have the fasteners to put flat screens and connect them to the desk? Looking at this, I just don't see alot of value, certainly not for $1000. Why do you think it's worth that much?
  5. Looking at the pictures, it looks as if the edges are missing their edge banding? I can't make out the condition of the unit, perhaps you could post some better, more detailed pictures, and make a comment on the overall condition.
  6. The condition is good. It does have a side similar to the link. I just didn't put it on because it is about 80" long. Also it has a 2 drawer file cabinet as the link shows.

    Each section goes for about 1.5-2k last time I checked about 3 yrs ago, you can call Euro craft in the link. I'm selling 2 sections for 1k. Bargain :) The metal back can be set up so that arms can be put on it. The bottom of the desk also stores pc's with metal racks and sliding doors. It is desgined for a really nice setup.

    Attached is a pic of my setup. As you can see the desk is made so that two traders can sit face to face.

    Is a link of the housing areas for wires and cables.
  7. Actually each section is about 3k vs. 1k for 2 sections. I'm giving a bargain. :)
  8. Something is worth only what someone is willing to pay. You really can't compare retail to the wholesale spot trader market.
    It's a very thin market....not much liquidity on either side.
  9. Thanks for the bargain, but your position seems a little overbot to me. If you are stuck on a grand I will be happy to short you a couple more at $900. :p
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