Trader Daily and phone solicitations?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by trader56, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Ok, so the only thing I've signed up for in years is Trader Daily magazine. Thought this might be amusing and entertaining, not educational.

    Now over the last few weeks, all after this sign-up, I've gotten phone solicitations from at least three different firms trying to sell me trading programs ("If you'd invested in one S&P contract following our system...").

    ALL of these have been attempts to sell systems based upon hypothetical results! I ask them if they've got their kid's college funds invested? No? How about your boss - he got his retirement invested in the mracle program? Of course, the answers are always no.

    Just wondering if Trader Daily is to blame, or if, like some corpse long submerged underwater, my name has just floated to the surface somehow after a along dormancy?
  2. So much for a privacy policy.
  3. BCE


    Guess you gave them your real phone number. I never do that. They don't check. You have to be really careful with your information. You could email them about this.
  4. Smart, I always changes the digits by 1 or 2 , but I give them a real e-mail address so they can spam all the want, but no phone calls.