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  1. anjtrader


    I'm looking for a moderately priced 4 monitor setup. I looked at Falcon so far which I think is also tradingcomputers.

    Is DELL a system traders use and just throw on s many monitors as they like?
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    If you post this question down in "hardware" you will get the response of our resident Dell fanboy.
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    Build your own. You can pick up an eyefinity5 6770 with 5 mini display ports for around $120 from newegg. Slap some DDR3 ram in there, a quad core, 500+ PSU and hdd and you're good to go.
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    i'm doing a 6 screen setup. i have a desktop computer, but thinking about using laptop instead for reason of power outages. If power goes out, at least laptop is still on but just doesn't have internet connection. I can immediately tether to iPhone for wireless connectivity to at least close out positions immediately using the laptop's screen. just an idea i thought share in case someone else has better idea to share too.
  5. bishop


    Buy a UPS, but if your power is out, chances are your wifi is out as well, but you could easily tether your desktop to your iphone just as easily as you could a laptop.
  6. Unless you have display-port monitors (rare and expensive), you will also need 3 active mini-display-port to DVI connectors, at about $29 each for the good ones. The card supports maximum of two passive MDP-to-DVI connectors. The card comes with the two passive connectors.

    I am using three of the eyefinity 6 cards now. I don't recommend them. Nothing but trouble.
  7. bishop


    Big deal to spend around $22 (look on Amazon for active) each when you can get 21-23" monitors these days for sub $90 when specials are ran. I run two of those cards and have had no issues with 10 monitors. Had some issues when I had 14 monitors but that was due to using a mixture of other cards.
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    If $22 or so for an active adapter is too much (try amazon), you probably aren't trading with enough capital anyway. Besides, you can get 20-23" monitors these days for sub $100 if you look around for when specials are going on--in comparison to buying a display port monitor that will more than likely run you twice as much if not more. So tacking on an extra bit of money to the base price of the monitor is a steal.

    As for the cards, I am running two driving ten 1080p monitors without issues.
  9. Better idea present and accounted for:

    Buy a backup battery pack connect it to the computer, screens and router keeps your pc running during power outages with internet if you include router ( phone lines carry their own power), the amount of time it stays on depends on you power consumption and how much money you shell out on the backup unit..

    + it will protect you equipment during power surges , last year my house experienced a power surge that destroyed everything in the house that was plugged in : TV ,fridge, washing machines, microwave, speakers, boiler, light bulbs, everything fried except for my pc , screens and router due to the power back up unit. Was able to trade though the eye of the storm
  10. What motherboard are you using?
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