Trader commits suicide

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  1. anyone in NY hear this? happened last night. an equities trader took a big hit or a few big hits and killed himself. i heard this from a few people. its very sad. anyone hear where he traded?
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  3. make $450 $300 in restitution..stick the $150 in a savings account and leave prison a multi millionaire in time for retirement. He has everything to live for.
  4. If he is saying it was last night then none of the links are related to the post. I have not heard anything. I don't like hearing stuff like this happen to a fellow trader
  5. This statement is correct. However the family has requested that this be a private matter.

    I just got the call this afternoon, I will be leaving to see the family tomorrow. He was a friend of mine.

    This is the second friend in 10 years that took his life.
  6. Was it a private/independent trader or a firm trader?

    The former category has suicides all the time unfortunately..
  7. Very sorry to hear that, ny.
  8. Sorry to hear of your loss NYX.

    Suicide's a real hidden killer. I just remarked the other night that every Chicago hi-rise I've lived someone has jumped to their death. Suicide is prevalent enough that while writing this post I'm able to think of three people I know who've witnessed suicides. Thankfully I've never had someone close to me take their own life.

    At the Chicago Exchanges there was a spate of suicides in the early 1980's. I would guess several folks on ET are no longer with us due to suicide. Traders are at high risk.

    This life can be tough enough and dealing with not knowing why we're here and where we're going doesn't make it any easier.

    In a strange irony those who kill themselves know the answer to a question we'd all like to know. When and How. So while some of us self righteously lament those already gone don't gloat. For we know not of what painful, hideous fate will ultimately deliver us as well to the Grim Reaper.
  9. Thanks for the kind words.

    I am in shock and feel helpless. I have known this gentlemen by for many years. We trade together almost everyday.

    I'm at a loss for words. He was going to be in my wedding in August. In spirit he will be there.

  10. Just remember that money is just money guys, and that nothing can't be recovered from if you stay strong.

    nyx, he'll be there still. I believe that, at least.

    Congratulations on getting married, too.
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