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  1. I'm looking to organize a trader chat group with professional and/or full-time traders only. Only for people that are serious, don't treat this as a hobby and don't want useless notifications to sift through during the day. A real "value added" community.

    PM me to talk more.
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    I joined a really good Meetup group in Memphis, TN. Darn COVID quarantine blew a hole that boat though. Point is bigger cities might have some nice active trading groups
  3. ffs1001


    What's the purpose of this new group? What would it offer that a forum like this does not?
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  4. The purpose is to exchange ideas and trades. If offers real time private communications to approved members only as opposed to this forum.
  5. ffs1001


    I trade for a living. I spend about 45-50 hours a week trading. I make a six figure living from it.
    Pls tell me why I should share my trades with strangers online?
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  6. This is a thread for people who want to improve and recognize there is a benefit to tight knit community. I've traded on many desks and can speak to this benefit. If that is your feeling, Keep your trades to yourself if you want them, don't join the group, and don't waste time posting to this forum.
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    He's looking for people to talk to in real-time while looking at charts. Shooting the shit, as it were. There is an appeal to it, the being interactive thingy.

    Sure, I'm game, if it involves futures. Send me a PM if it involves Skype or maybe Discord. I ain't installing any other software on my trading machine.
  8. maxinger


    I have joined tens of such chat groups ( paid and free).
    So I have lots of horror stories to tell.

    Just ask these basic questions.

    Why would professional traders want to join such a group?
    They need to concentrate on their trading.
    They want zero distraction during trading.

    Why would non professional traders want to join such a group?
    Obviously they want to learn. However,
    later they have to spend lots of time & effort to decontaminate their minds.
    alternatively join the professional talkers and writers chat group.
    But then, you have to decontaminate your minds later.

    Alternatively simply post your questions in this forum.
    you will get great answers, strange answers ...
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  10. don't join the group. Thanks for your reply?
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