Trader can't take it anymore and flips out

Discussion in 'Trading' started by john99, Dec 25, 2006.

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    This event did actually take place, and is being used by the Oslo Stock Exchange, it is a Norwegian commercial for their exchange.

    I found this on a Caltrader's blog.
    Our very own JMowery made it, and I have to say he is pretty good at editing videos.
  2. 2006


    Too Funny.

    Personally I would have walked around the table. Very sloppy IMO.

  3. MattF


    but effective.

    that was great; I'll have to see it later on a better computer as this one chops videos a bit...:D
  4. Those guys are brokers, not traders.
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    what is mr. mowery up to nowadays?
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    Outburst looks real, though why don't others come to the rescue? Must be a Norwegian thing.
  7. Cause it's probably happened before and was expected. Like already mentioned, these guys are brokers, not daytraders. Brokers do some f**ked up stuff in the office, like the bad kids in the High School. It's all in good fun, after all, it's a certain personality type. Floor traders, daytraders & brokers all have their stories about the craziness of their workplace. My first year, you did not even need a camera to capture the craziness, just a tape recorder.

    That video is great. I love the finishing touch. If that was me, I would have thrown the keyboard first, then jump over the table and drop kick the guy.

    Props to the tackle, lol.
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  9. funny shit
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