Trader blows whistle on gold & silver price manipulation

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by GRothschild, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. I think I'll double my position in gold and silver.
    When the manipulation ends as it must eventually, the price will skyrocket.
  2. You people have made me feel alone here. Where are the gold bugs :mad:

    What the hell, I was promised gold people here.
    It's not like you lost money on gold and thus went away.

    I mean vacation I could understand. To be gone in gold Bull Market. Insane
  3. gucci


  4. Do you were a hat made from tin foil or gold leaf? :cool: :confused: :cool:
  5. Platinum my friend........Platinum :cool: :D
  6. People use paper money to buy & sell gold & silver. The amount of paper money people own is finite.

    Banks are backed by the federal reserve which prints the said paper money that people use. The amount of paper money the feds own is infinite.


    Only two ways out of this. One is to charge the banks with fraud and get them shut down and the CEOs arrested.

    The other way is that if retailers of gold & silver start ignoring what the markets say gold & silver is worth. For instance...if silver spot is $18 per oz,and retailers refuse to sell for less than $50 per oz, then the price will have to rise for silver spot or risk people taking delivery on contracts. If people take delivery, they will default and be forced to settle with cash which will then make headlines and gold & silver will be hoarded.

    The latter way would be the harder one to pull off i think. Getting everyone to try to sell their PMs for a set price and not undercut each other. I personally never plan to sell my silver unless I need it for something else. More than half my savings is in gold & silver and I know there are 1000s of others like me.
  7. yeah, i'd feel all naked and stuff without my gold.

    i mean , if there wasn't gold, you'd have to lust after , what, old pez containers?