Trader bets more than $2 million on a surge in energy stocks

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by guru, Jul 11, 2019.

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    lol so?
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    Now they have another page to place 10 ads. Tomorrow part two, he liquidates.
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  4. guru


    I guess it made the news, and some people may consider either a similar trade or learning about trading options in general.
    IMHO more useful to traders than a guy trying to scam an insurance company somewhere in China (also posted as “Wall Street News”)
  5. fan27


    In other news...a trader from a multi-billion dollar hedge fund made a bet with a co-worker that he could place a trade with some "lose change" in the fund and get a bozo over at CNBC to write about it. He won the bet.
  6. Metamega


    Home come these articles never have a headline like “ Trader sells spreads for 2 million dollars “
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    So is the trader short the 55/75 outside strangle at long the 64C? IOW, short the 55p naked and long the 65/75 call spread?
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    If traders use this information to initiate positions or maintain positions it's just confirmation bias. CNBC is a marketing firm for advertising and while they have good guests, overall, they just state the status quo.
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    20years ago, watching CNBC and going the other way, was a pretty damn safe bet, definitely paid to pump stocks so big players can dump.

    20years strange, went by so quickly, don't think I've changed looks wise or what I do at all interestingly, bet the next 20years won't be as kind, unless your a worm, then party time LOL
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